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Jake Bergey Rochester Rattlers (MLL)/Philadelphia Wings (NLL)/ A.A. @ Salisbury (Division III Player of the Year)

4 No flash- but as solid a player as has played the sport!
Kevin Finneran


Long Island Lizards (MLL)/Toronto Rock (NLL)/Team USA '98/A.A. @ Ohio Wesleyan


Winner of 8 World Championships (ILF-1, MLL-1, NLL-4)

'Father of the Gopher'

Tom Ryan

NJ Pride (MLL)/Phila. Wings (NLL)/Team Toyota (Balt.)/Bowdoin


110% player/Incredible endurance/Videographer/Coach/"The Dude"/Part of the Monkeys Canton, NY Connection

Matt Shearer Team Canada '02 & '98/Baltimore Bayhawks (MLL)/Colorado Mammoth (NLL)/Team Toyota (Balt.)/A.A. @ Loyola

Gavin Prout Canada '02/'02 World Games All World Team/Baltimore Bayhawks (MLL)/NY Saints (NLL) (NLL 02 Rookie of the Year)/A.A. @ Loyola]

Josh Simms Baltimore Bayhawks (MLL)/Colorado Mammoth (NLL)/Princeton 2  
Jeff Sonke Baltimore Bayhawks (MLL)/UNC 2  
Matt Striebel '02 USA National Team/Bridgeport Barrage (MLL)/Princeton 2  
Matt Alexander Bridgeport Barrage (MLL)/Syracuse 1  
Mike Law '02 USA National Team/Vancouver Ravens (NLL)/Univ. Denver 1  
Chad Whittman Vancouver Ravens (NLL)/Univ. Denver 1  

Jon Brothers

NJ Pride (MLL)/Colorado Mammoth (NLL)/A.A. @ Maryland


Goes by the nickname "2 Boo Koo"

Billy Serino Long Island Lizards (MLL)/A.A. @ Nazareth

Kip Fulks Baltimore Bayhawks (MLL)/ Colorado Mammoth (NLL)/ A.A. @ Maryland 1  
Mark Frye Baltimore Bayhawks (MLL)/ NY Saints (NLL)/ A.A. @ Loyola

Marc Bissell Seattle LC/Gonzaga

7 Fierce competitor & Face-off maven
Neil Doddridge Team Canada '02/Calgary Roughnecks (NLL)/Oswego State 1 One of the leaders of the Canadian Monkey contingent
Matt Ogelsby Colorado Mammoth (NLL)/A.A. @ Duke 1  

Ben Quayle

South Swell Lacrosse Club/Duke 2

Elusive on & off the field; hoping for one feed from Ed Fay

Matt Cone Crease Monkeys- Northwest L.C./ Ithaca College 7 Monkey Leader & Pillar of Northwest Lacrosse

Kevin Travis

Duke-Tobay (NY)/Towson


Great scoring skills/Beware when teamed with Zonk

Chris 'Zonk' Korzonkiewicz

Duke-Tobay (NY)/Hofstra   4

Son of Jay/Remunerated for topless skills/Zonkzilla

Gary "Beastmaster" Schick Orlando LC/Hobart

10 co-founder
Hugo Gallo Barbary Coast (San Fran.)/Rhode Island


2001 Peruvian World Team
All-Peru 1999
1st Team All Lima 1998
When someone scores a goal, I can be heard yelling goooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaal for a good 10 minutes.
I like serving ceviche to all the players at halftime.
I also give free 1 hour salsa lessons before every practice.
Nickname: The Peruvian Nightmare

Adi Taylor

Barbary Coast (San Fran.)/Cal (Berkley)



A wily Capricorn of extravagant tastes, he can often be found sporting a pair of custom made Wizard Clips. Known to his friends as "Cedarwood" or "Flodenquanseekio", he enjoys mixing it up. His favorite pastimes include bobbing for apples and collecting wood chips. In the first round of an eighth grade spelling bee he misspelled the word "necessary". That's a tough one! His hue of choice is Persian Rug Red.

JD Jones '02 Iroquois National Team/Team Toyota (Balt.)/Towson 2  
Brent Rothfuss Columbus Landsharks (NLL)/Boston Cannons (MLL)/Rochester LC/A.A. @ Nazareth (Division III Player of the Year)

Scott Bissell  Blue Collar-Seattle/Lewis and Clark 2  
Rob Warren Team DeBeer/Penn State   1  
John Burgess Franklin & Marshall  


2 He's been partying like its 1999 since 1989....

Steve Penoza

Black Banana (Phila.)/Delaware   5

Quiet veteran

Pete Reich

Marin/UC- Santa Barbara




Face-off specialist/Assistant Perth database administrator
Matt Domenick Hollywood LC/A.A. @ West Chester 2  
Mundy Stafford Wyvern LC/New England College 1  
Coleman Devlin Green Turtle-Heroes (Balt.)/Washington & Lee 2  
Brian Griffin Black Banana L.C. (Phila.)/Widner   3  
Erik Osberg Maryland 1  
Rippy Sailing Greensboro 2  

Dave Vannoy

Washington State/ Sound Lacrosse Club Seattle/CM Masters World Cup Team


John Strohsacker

Franklin & Marshall [renowned lacrosse photographer]



4 Scion of the fabled Stroh family- fire-brewed in many ways....

Kirk Baugher

A.A. @ Johns Hopkins

Mike Chadwick HLC/West Chester 4  
Scott Shea HLC/West Chester   1  
Doug Bailey HLC/Penn State 2  
T. Marc Jones Barbary Coast (San Fran.)/ 1  
Mike Harvey Barbary Coast (San Fran.)/   1  
Yamada Yousuke Kyoto University

Masanori Uchino Science University of Tokyo 1 Face-off specialist

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Monkeys Win the '07 Hawai'i Lacrosse Invitational- Winning the Master's & Men's Elite Championships
Monkeys- Northwest Win the '07 PNLA Championship
Monkeys Sweep the '06 Hawai'i Lacrosse Invitational- Winning the Women's, Master's & Men's Elite Championships
Monkeys- Harford Win the '06 ALL Championship
Monkeys- Northwest Win the '06 PNLA Championship
Grand Masters Win the the '06 Florida Lacrosse Classic Tournament
Crease Monkeys Men's Master's Team Wins the '05 Hawai'i Invitational
Monkeys- Northwest Win the '05 PNLA Championship
Grand Masters Win the the '05 Florida Lacrosse Classic Tournament
Crease Monkeys Men's Elite Team Wins the '04 Hawai'i Invitational
*Monkeys Women Win the '04 Lake Placid Tourney
**Monkeys Women Win the '04 Big Apple Shootout
***Monkeys- Northwest Win the '04 PNLA-B Championship
****Monkeys Women Win the '04 Mardi Gras Tourney
*****Monkeys- Grand Masters Win the the '04 Florida Lacrosse Classic Tournament
******Monkeys Win both the Men's Elite & Master's Titles at the '03 Hawai'i Invitational Tournament
*******Monkeys Win the Inaugural e-Lacrosse Amsterdam Tournament (8/26/03)
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