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Reid Jackson

NJ Pride (MLL)/ Team USA '98/A.A. @ Rutgers 3

 Retired at 29/Ambassador of the sport/Wicked Dancer

Brian Reese Baltimore Bayhawks (MLL)/Colorado Mammoth (NLL)/ A.A. @ Maryland

2 None are tougher
Jed Raymond Bridgeport Barrage (MLL)/A.A. @ Middlebury 1 Incredible checks
Michael Howley Rochester Rattlers (MLL)/Maryland 1 '03 Hawaii Tourney Defensive MVP/'02 USA National Team/'03 USILA Div. 1 Outstanding Defensive Player
Chris Passavia Boston Cannons(MLL)/Maryland 1  
Dave Daniecki Baltimore Bayhawks (MLL)/Penn State 2  
Gerry Bryne Team USA '98 (Alternate)/Boston Cannons (MLL)/A.A. @ U.Mass.

1 Mr. Six Tribes/Sharpens his wooden d-pole before every game
Yoshiro Hikichi Valentia LC 1 '02 Japan National Team/

Mike Ryan

Team Toyota (Balt.)/Franklin & Marshall

10+ Member of Monkey Leadership/ Founder of the Summer Camp/ Fabled Leader of the Jack in the Box Cult
Blair Allison Barbary Coast/Texas A&M

8 Leader of the Barbary Coast (S.F.) Crew/Original Member
Brendan Bellotte Single Source LC (Balt.)/A.A. @ Salisbury 2 Deceptive speed
John Ciliberto Bridgeport Barrage (MLL)/Team Toyota (Balt.)/A.A. @ Delaware 2 One of the best poles
Hamilton Pollard Baltimore Bayhawks (MLL)/Hollywood (LA)/A.A. @ Penn State

3 Wicked checks, Feared Competitor
Mark Breier

Team Toyota/A.A. @ Salisbury '00

2 Recent addition to the Monkeys' Salisbury contingent
Doug Carl Barbary Coast (SF)/Ursinus (Head Coach- Sonoma State- '02 USLIA Champions) 6 Coach
Ted "Megaman" Loughlin Harrisburg LC/Marist 6  
Anthony Spinelli Harrisburg LC/Penn State 10  
Doug Appleton Brown

Ken Cook Delaware 3  
Steve Reed Salisbury 3  
Dave Demers Portland/St. Lawrence 1  
Hirbod Azmi Team Toyota/A.A. @ Salisbury 1  

Kevin Carroll

Mt. Washington (Baltimore)/Mt. St. Mary's 2

Retired Gentleman Artiste

Stas' Kotula

Lax World/Drexel 5

Connoisseur of barley & hops/Deceivingly Fast

Dave Lapin

Team Texas/Georgia Tech  


"Hi! My Name is Dave, I love long walks on star-lit beaches with crazy Amazon blond (women) and athletic auburn (women) water polo players. I am an Aries, and think that we should all strive for World Peace."
Andy Miller Barbary Coast LC/Univ. Wash.

Bill Rexford Still Green/Dartmouth

Jeff Buske Team Texas (Dallas)/Texas A&M 1  
Sean Gilligan Team Texas (Dallas)/Texas A&M 1  

Fred Wilmot

Navy/Crease Monkeys NW (Seattle)  


Ian O'Hearn Albany State/ Crease Monkeys NW (Seattle)


Eric Timrick

Whitman/Crease Monkeys NW (Seattle)

  1 High School: Deerfield Academy Notable Honors: All Evanston Avenue North Team 1999, 2000, 2001, Voted “Most Likely to be Abducted by Aliens” Model Rocket Camp, 1986Nicknamed, “The Annihilator” by Mrs. McArdle’s 2nd grade class, B.F. Day Elementary, 2002
Sig (Man Down) Bauriedl, Jr.  HLC/Army 4  
Chris Heim Maryland L.C./Goucher Chicago00-377-010-21.jpg (14173 bytes)

Noah Egorin Reebok Il Forno (Wash. DC)/Washington & Lee 2  
Lawrence Barber Australian Pub L.C. (San Diego) 2  
Ron Chase Queen City LC/West Chester 1  
Dave Wickwire Seattle LC/Washington 1  

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Monkeys Win the '07 Hawai'i Lacrosse Invitational- Winning the Master's & Men's Elite Championships
Monkeys- Northwest Win the '07 PNLA Championship
Monkeys Sweep the '06 Hawai'i Lacrosse Invitational- Winning the Women's, Master's & Men's Elite Championships
Monkeys- Harford Win the '06 ALL Championship
Monkeys- Northwest Win the '06 PNLA Championship
Grand Masters Win the the '06 Florida Lacrosse Classic Tournament
Crease Monkeys Men's Master's Team Wins the '05 Hawai'i Invitational
Monkeys- Northwest Win the '05 PNLA Championship
Grand Masters Win the the '05 Florida Lacrosse Classic Tournament
Crease Monkeys Men's Elite Team Wins the '04 Hawai'i Invitational
*Monkeys Women Win the '04 Lake Placid Tourney
**Monkeys Women Win the '04 Big Apple Shootout
***Monkeys- Northwest Win the '04 PNLA-B Championship
****Monkeys Women Win the '04 Mardi Gras Tourney
*****Monkeys- Grand Masters Win the the '04 Florida Lacrosse Classic Tournament
******Monkeys Win both the Men's Elite & Master's Titles at the '03 Hawai'i Invitational Tournament
*******Monkeys Win the Inaugural e-Lacrosse Amsterdam Tournament (8/26/03)
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Crease Monkeys Featured in Jan/Feb. '02 Lacrosse Mag. (US) & Dec. '01 Lacrosse Talk Mag. (UK)
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