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Hawai'i '02
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Hawai'i '02


bulletAnother fantastic trip to Hawai'i- home of the best lacrosse tourney- bar none!

Our Hawai'i lacrosse friends exceeded everyone's expectations- putting on four nights of killer parties while attracting a field of teams with many of the best players in the sport

bulletHawai'i Highlights:
bulletThe largest group of Monkeys ever- 64 people- were set to dominate the party scene
bulletTuesday and Wednesday afternoons spent touring the island and during the evening at Moose's and other Waikiki hotspots
bulletTony Brown lead several fishing trips- won't Joe High ever learn- chumming for a second year
bulletThe Best Halloween party ever at the W Hotel on Thursday night
bulletFinn as Popeye; Spiderman appeared but changed to Roseanne; the Cavewomen; TR as Willie; Mike 'Pimp Daddy' Ryan; Julie "Hula" Haire; Caesar & Brutus [et to Brute]; Dr. D(arah); many kimonos; & John Keller as 'Zonk'
bulletT-Rex was the ultimate party host!
bullet Friday's Welcome Reception at Kapono's was fun with sweet views of Honolulu Harbor beckoning
bulletSaturday saw Match Play start at Kapi’olani Park
bulletAll Monkeys teams were victorious except the Monkeys West lost a tough game to the Michelob Light team (Graham played the turncoat)- Mundy, Hugh & Tom Baldwin played with abandon (no dB this trip)
bulletWatching Jr. work his men was awe inspiring with Gavin's face-off and end to end prowess
bulletWe were joined by Masa [Masanori Uchino] 007 on & off the field from the Science University of Tokyo
bulletGreat speed and quick moves- the newest Monkey!
bulletPost game soak in Harry Jackson's hot tub- ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
bulletSaturday night at the Falls of Clyde 'tip cup' was raised to an art form- with the women winning 99% of the games- so much so that the guys went pant less....
bulletOn Sunday the men's & women's teams made their respective Finals
bulletThe women won a close semi-final match with Mo scoring the winning goal just before time expired- "I want to be Mo"!!!!
bulletThe finals saw the women lose a hard fought contest to the Keio University team- the Keio women had one of the best cheers ever- but in Japanese (other than the words 'New York')- their spirit was clear
bulletThe men again bested the Olympic Club- lead by Bayhawk Dave Daniecki in the semi's
bulletThe finals saw the Monkeys lose a close, hard fought game to Marin- who fielded what amounted to an MLL All Star team- great effort by both teams.
bulletThe Monkeys played well, rallying from a 6-2 halftime deficit to take a 9-8 lead- but after the Monkeys failed to score on a critical man-up with little time remaining- the Powell Brothers took control- leading Marin to an 11-9 win. Leading the Monkeys on offense were Finn, TR, Willsey, Jr., Gavin Prout and 'Dakota' Fay while on defense John Horrigan, Reido & Gerry Bryne were steadfast.
bulletAll in all a tough loss to a very good team- but hey its Hawai'i
bulletKudos to Matt Fields of Marin for putting together such an exceptional squad
bulletIts less than 365 days until we return to our favorite venue- tick tock, tick tock....

One of the Best Monkeys' Trips Ever!!!!


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