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'06 Men's Roster
'06 Women's Finals
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'06 Men's Finals
'06 Men's Roster



Na Holo Monkeys Kiki Me La'au (Hawai'ian for 'Monkeys running fast with sticks')


2006 Hawai'i Lacrosse Invitational  
Team: Crease Monkeys- Men's Elite  
Jersey Number Position First Name Last Name Accolades/Club/College Hometown
24 A John  Grant, Jr.  '06 & '02 Team Canada/'06 & '02 ILF All-World Team- MVP Attack/Rochester Knighthawks (NLL)/Rochester Rattlers (MLL)/Delaware ('99 NCAA Div. I Player of the Year) Peterbourgh, Ontario (Canada)
10 A Nate Hill Rochester Rattlers (MLL)/Hobart Rochester, NY
23 A Joe High Team Toyota/Salisbury Baltimore, MD
9 A Blake Kim Barbary Coact LC/Albany San Francisco, CA
3 A Cort Kim Barbary Coact LC/Albany San Francisco, CA
$ M Matt  Striebel  '06 & '02 USA National Team/Philadelphia Barrage (MLL)/Princeton Iowa City, Iowa
X/29 M/FO Geoff Snider  '06 Team Canada/'06 ILF All-World Team & Tourney MVP/Denver Outlaws (MLL)/Denver Denver, CO
Y M John  Christmas Boston Cannons (MLL)/Philadelphia Wings (NLL)/Virginia Philadelphia, PA
Z M Justin Redd Rochester Rattlers (MLL)/Cornell Baltimore, MD
11 M/FO JD Nelson Cornell Baltimore, MD
? M Nathan Kenney Crease Monkeys- Northwest/Syracuse Tokyo, Japan
20 M John Hunt Crease Monkeys- Northwest/Towson Tokyo, Japan
8 LS Ian  O'Hearn Crease Monkeys- Northwest/Albany Seattle, WA
7 LS Glenn  Morley 2006 Team Australia Melbourne, Australia
42 D Mike  Howley  '02 USA National Team/Long Island Lizards (MLL)/Maryland New York, NY
4 D Kyle  Sweeney  '06 USA National Team/Philadelphia Barrage (MLL)/Philadelphia Wings (NLL)/Georgetown Philadelphia, PA
34 D Brian  Kelly LA Riptide (MLL)/Anaheim Storm(NLL)/Whittier College Los Angeles, CA
43 D Blair Allison Barbary Coact LC/Texas A&M San Francisco, CA
G Aaron Fenton San Francisco Dragons (MLL)/Duke Denver, CO
  Coach Tom  Ryan Phila. Wings/Team Toyota (Balt.)/Bowdoin Baltimore, MD
ILF= International Lacrosse Federation        
MLL= Major League Lacrosse (outdoor)      
NLL= National Lacrosse League (indoor)      


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Monkeys Sweep the '06 Hawai'i Lacrosse Invitational- Winning the Women's, Master's & Men's Elite Championships
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*Monkeys Win both the Men's Elite & Master's Titles at the '03 Hawai'i Invitational Tournament
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