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Na Holo Monkeys Kiki Me La'au (Hawai'ian for 'Monkeys running fast with sticks')



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Tetsuhiro Muramatsu 22

Team Toyota/'02 Japan National Team/Valentia LC


Shinya Maruyama 2

'02 Japan National Team/Valentia LC
A John Grant, Jr. 24  '02 Team Canada/'02 World Games All World Team- MVP Attack/Rochester Knighthawks (NLL)/Delaware (1999 NCAA Div. I Player of the Year)


John Chescavage 25 Penn State
A John Fay 18 Roch. Rattlers (MLL)/Capitol L.C. (DC)/Duke
A Kevin Leveille Z Boston Cannons (MLL)/UMass
A Matt Cone @
Crease Monkeys- Northwest/Ithaca


Jeff Sonke 5

Baltimore Bayhawks (MLL)/UNC


Josh Sims 4 Baltimore Bayhawks (MLL)/Colorado Mammoth (NLL)/Princeton


Matt Striebel $ '02 USA National Team/Phila. Barrage (MLL)/Princeton


Gavin Prout X '02 Canadian National Team/'02 I.L.F. All-World Team/Baltimore Bayhawks (MLL)/Colorado Mammoth (NLL)/Loyola
Kevin Finneran ۸ Long Island Lizards (MLL)/Team USA '98/A.A. @ Ohio Wesleyan
M Kevin Travis Y Duke-Tobay (NY)/Towson
M Chad Wittman 19

Anaheim Storm (NLL)/Univ. Denver
M Mitsuhito Okabe   '02 Japan National Team/Valentia LC
M Masanori Uchino     Science University of Tokyo
M Ryoichi Nagayama     Seijo University (Japan)
LS Ian O'Hearn 88 Crease Monkeys- Northwest/Albany


Stas Kotula


DeWalt LC (Balt.)/Drexel

D Chris Passavia Boston Cannons (MLL)/Maryland


Dave Daniecki 26

Baltimore Bayhawks (MLL)/Penn State
D Tom Ethington     Colorado Mammoth (NLL)/University of Denver
D Yoshiro Hikichi 23  

Team Toyota/'02 Japan National Team/Valentia LC

Trevor Tierney


'02 USA National Team/'02 I.L.F. All-World Team/Boston Cannons (MLL)/Colorado Mammoth (NLL)/Princeton


Erik Miller


Baltimore Bayhawks (MLL)/Colorado Mammoth (NLL)/Salisbury

Coach Tom Ryan  

Phila. Wings/Team Toyota (Balt.)/Bowdoin
Water Boy Harry Mazaheri, Jr.   Lancaster Cooperative Preschool
Water Boy Matthew Mazaheri   Sponge Bob Academy
Water Boy Greg 'Bobby Boucher' Weidman
  1st Wedding Anniversary
Water Girl Kelly Weidman   1st Wedding Anniversary
Chief Propagandist John Strohsacker   Renowned Lacrosse Photographer/Franklin & Marshall
Sergeant at Arms Taz Brown   "Original Monkey"/Radford
Master Mixologist Janice Wisman   Western Washington


USILA = United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association (governing body of U.S. Collegiate Lacrosse)

ILF = International Lacrosse Federation (governing body of International Lacrosse)


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Monkeys Sweep the '06 Hawai'i Lacrosse Invitational- Winning the Women's, Master's & Men's Elite Championships
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*Monkeys Win both the Men's Elite & Master's Titles at the '03 Hawai'i Invitational Tournament
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